About Us

Jeremiah Program is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization using a proven, holistic approach to transform families from poverty to prosperity two generations at a time. Through support for a career-track college education, safe and affordable housing, quality early childhood education, and empowerment and life skills training, Jeremiah Program prepares determined single mothers to succeed in the workforce, readies their children to succeed in school, and reduces generational dependence on public assistance.

Jeremiah Program currently has two fully operational sites in Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN, which serve 300 women and children at any given time. Phase one of a campus serving four families in Austin, TX, opened in fall 2013, with plans to break ground on a permanent campus in 2015. In addition, Jeremiah launched two pilot programs with Endicott College in Boston in fall 2014, and leaders in Fargo-Moorhead are making progress in establishing a campus in their community.

Our Mission

To transform families from poverty to prosperity.

Our Vision

To be a national leader in assisting single mothers and their children to break the cycle of poverty.

Our SHERO Values

We give 100% every day.
We use resources within budget wisely. We are economical.
We respect the time and needs of others; we are prepared.
We use volunteer resources to supplement core services.

Healthy Relationships
We are straight-forward, direct and transparent. We communicate, show appreciation and concern.
We reinforce healthy boundaries. We are responsible for our own needs.
We are empowered and focus on solutions.
We find joy in our relationships with others.
We discuss difficult issues directly and in person.
We direct people to the source of their concerns.

We believe new ideas are good. We try new models and tools.
We take risks; we are courageous and willing to fail.
We are creative. We seek new ideas and stay informed.
We think outside the box and focus on continuous improvement.

We appreciate differences and assume good intentions.
We actively listen. We seek input from others and learn about and value what is important to others.
We are mindful of people’s time. We are present, prompt and on time.
We show up, are candid and detach from the outcome.

We are results oriented and accountable. We plan, set goals, check-in, follow up and measure. We use work plans and systems.
We celebrate milestones and achievements.
We assess the return on investment (ROI) of our strategies and activities.

More About Jeremiah Program

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