Jeremiah Women

Single mothers willing to work diligently toward a more stable life find a home at Jeremiah Program. Here they can build a brighter future for themselves and their children.

Many women enter Jeremiah Program unemployed or earning low wages; they typically have high levels of debt and poor credit ratings, and rely on public assistance. They usually are struggling to find stable, safe and affordable housing and are isolated, living without much hope. Many are dealing with the effects of abuse and addiction and the impact it has on self-confidence.

What sets the Jeremiah woman apart is her willingness to pursue a different reality for herself and her family. She may come to the program with a history of challenges, but she is ready to build a new future. She actively seizes the opportunity to turn despair into hope and dreams into reality. She is ready to become powerfully self-reliant. In sum, Jeremiah Program provides the opportunities, but the young women must do the work.

Jeremiah women are remarkable success stories. Within a few short years, they successfully complete the program having achieved their education goals. They have full-time, living-wage careers and the life skills necessary to be self-reliant, successful, and nurturing to their children.

Program Success

Stories of Success from Our Graduates