Admission Process

Women are referred to Jeremiah Program from social service agencies, educational institutions as well as friends and family. To ensure full occupancy throughout the year, program staff screen candidates year-round for women who meet our basic program criteria and demonstrate motivation.

Applying to Jeremiah Program

If candidate does not meet our criteria, we will refer her to other, more appropriate, agencies.

Admission Information Sessions & Tours in St. Paul

Jeremiah Program will host four admissions information sessions and tours on the St. Paul campus for prospective applicants, their families and service providers. Click here for details.

Pre-Admission Prepares Candidates

A rigorous selection process ensures that the women who enter Jeremiah Program are ready and able to seize this opportunity for creating a successful future. Once a candidate is accepted for pre-admission, she makes a commitment before being invited to participate fully in the program and reside on campus. The pre-admission process has three major components:

  1. Empowerment Training: Multi-session curriculum helps assess the appropriateness of the program for the family. Women gain an understanding about the responsibilities involved and work with a coach for guidance and support.
  2. Screening: Verifies the candidate’s ability to commit to the rigor of the program.
  3. Interview: After screening, the candidate is interviewed by the Admissions Committee and a decision is made whether to invite her to participate fully in the program.