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More than 2,300 single mothers are living in poverty in the Fargo-Moorhead area, a number that has increased 16% over the last six years. The majority of these mothers have children under the age of 4. Their unsafe, unstable housing and a lack of affordable, quality childcare create barriers to pursuing a college education that leads to career-track jobs.

Planning is underway in Fargo-Moorhead to build a campus to serve the many single mothers in the area who are determined to change their lives and their children’s futures. The campus will provide:

Safe and Affordable Housing in a Supportive Community

Jeremiah’s housing makes it possible for women to pursue their post-secondary education while living in a safe, campus-style environment. This supportive community is a critical component to the success of young families.

Support for Career-Track College Education

With Jeremiah Program’s support, women set educational goals, choose a career-track path, and get into and through their degree program. This individualized support promotes a culture of accountability and success, while adding well-trained, critically needed workers to the local Fargo-Moorhead economy. This support fully aligns with the community’s strong educational foundation of colleges and universities with a variety of degree programs targeted toward in-demand professions.

Quality Early Childhood Education

Children will receive high quality early childhood education and care from a center located on-site. That means Jeremiah children enter kindergarten ready and on par with their peers, resulting in a reduction in the need for academic support programs.

Empowerment and Life Skills

Through the pre-admission empowerment program, women develop the confidence, independence, self-determination and self-management to transform their lives. Life skills training helps them learn to reduce debt, build credit, and manage their finances responsibly.

As we prepare to build a Fargo-Moorhead campus, we are offering empowerment courses for single mothers and community referral partners. Download the information about the fall 2015 course below.

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