Jeremiah Program


Jeremiah Program’s unique and nationally recognized programming provides the support necessary for low-income single mothers and their children to move beyond poverty and into a life of economic independence.

Our programming includes a rare combination of safe, affordable housing, quality early childhood education, parenting and life skills development, high standards for pursuit of post-secondary education, and support for full-time, career-track employment.

By stabilizing one family at a time, Jeremiah Program educates two generations, builds social capital and works to end the need for public assistance.

Evaluation procedures are in place at every step in the family’s journey to ensure appropriate progress and achievement of success, while measuring the lasting impact of the Jeremiah model.

Programming at Specific Locations

Jeremiah Program’s fully functioning Minneapolis and Saint Paul campuses serve 300 residents at any given time. Both sites have a Childhood Development Center and offer Life Skills and Personal Empowerment programming.

In Fargo-Moorhead Life Skills courses are being offered as Jeremiah Program moves forward with building a campus in that community. In Austin, Texas, where a campus will open in 2013, Life Skills courses are being offered at two Austin Community College campuses and an ASPIRE support group is underway.