Educational Programming

One of the cornerstones of Jeremiah Program is our commitment to providing participants with meaningful educational initiatives and partnerships that are truly transformative. As applicants, the women are introduced to the life-changing principles of empowerment. As residents, Jeremiah women attend weekly, on-site life skills training sessions.


Empowerment is based on the idea that the more a person regulates her state of mind, the more powerful she feels—and the more equipped to succeed in her life. Empowerment training helps women develop important personal characteristics that can make the difference between merely getting a job and maintaining that job for a career:

Applicants are required to complete the multi-week empowerment training before being admitted to residency.

Life Skills

Jeremiah Women participate in weekly life skills education classes during their time as residents. The curriculum focuses on:

Participants learn through facilitator and peer discussions, hands-on activities, small group sharing and role-playing. By developing important parenting and life skills, residents gain the confidence and tools they need to become truly self-reliant.

Residents are also assigned a personal coach who guides them on goal setting, resource referral, advocacy, and crisis intervention. The coach monitors each woman’s progress toward her education, employment and self-sufficiency objectives so that she is held accountable to the goals she sets for herself.

Jeremiah Works!

Jeremiah Works! is a dynamic employment services partnership between committed volunteers and Jeremiah Program participants, focusing on employment readiness and job placement. The work of this volunteer group has been especially important in recent years given the current economic environment and high unemployment rates.

Education Roundtable

In our Education Roundtable series, we regularly gather with admissions directors and other key staff from colleges and other post-secondary institutions where Jeremiah participants are enrolled. Together we explore and determine how best to meet the educational needs of single women. The goal is to maximize campus services and financial assistance resources for our program participants.